Precision Casting Inspection

  • Investment Casting Inspection
    Investment Casting Inspection
  • Sand Casting Inspection
    Sand Casting Inspection
  • Casting Inspection Color Map
    Casting Inspection Color Map

    measurements compared to CAD file

We have been inspecting sand castings since 1986.  This type of inspection requires in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process, with draft, parting line, gating and machining stock considerations.  Our lead inspectors have experience in casting tooling design, including patterns, matchplates, coreboxes, etc.  We are the preferred inspection source for many of Southern California’s sand and investment casting foundries and their customers.  From simple shapes to the most complex valve bodies and turbo equipment parts, we have the experience and equipment necessary to provide reliable results at an affordable price.

Capabilities include traditional drawing-based First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) as well as laser scanning and direct comparison to customer CAD files.