A reliable metrology lab is an essential partner when you need to outsource inspection work.  Quick turn around, reasonable prices and skilled engineers on the other end of the phone are critical.

Core competencies:

* Dimensional Inspection / First Article Inspection of contoured geometry using 3-D CAD files.  We have a complete selection of software tools for CMM operation and data analysis, including Innovmetric PolyWorks, Zeiss Calypso, Metrolog, Faro CAM2 and VX CAD/CAM.  We can accept CAD files from a variety of sources.  See our CAD format list for details.

* Dimensional Inspection / First Article Inspection of turbo machinery components, including turbine blades, impellers, turbine and compressor wheels, blisks.

* Dimensional Inspection / First Article Inspection of assemblies, both large and small, with GD&T requirements.

* Dimensional Inspection / First Article Inspection of castings, forgings, molded parts and other manufactured parts where special consideration must be given to draft, parting lines, die mismatch, core shift, shrink, die closure, gating, grinding, porosity, etc.

* Dimensional Inspection / First Article Inspection of precision machined parts, including advanced GD&T, complex coordinate systems, best fitting and coordinate transformations

* Polyworks programming (macros and GD&T requirements)

* Zeiss Calypso programming

We are an approved vendor for many of the leading manufacturers and research institutions in the U.S.  See a list of some of our larger customers here   However, the bulk of our work comes from smaller companies who supply these large corporations with parts that ultimately get assembled into their world-class products.  We have more than 400 active customers in this category, with a core group of about 20 who send work on a regular basis.

We have extensive experience in preparing well documented inspection reports, using measurement equipment traceable to N.I.S.T.  Our reports are provided in Excel and/or PDF format.  If you require the aerospace standard AS 9102 format, it will be generated at no additional cost.

We started with work order 1 in 1986.  We are approaching work order 24,000 as of January, 2017.  That means we have created nearly 24,000 inspection reports over the last 30 years.  The experience level of our staff is unsurpassed in the industry.  Between our 4 lead inspectors, we have more than 60 years of collective experience to draw on when presented with a challenging inspection job.

We have worked with every conceivable type of drawing, from crude napkin sketches to World War II era hand-drawn engineering drawings to the latest 3-D CAD files that conform to Boeing DPD/MBD requirements. We are completely familiar with the requirements of Model-Based Definition, where the majority of the part geometry is controlled by a 3-D CAD file and the parts list or view annotations are used for tolerance control and other special instructions.

We have extensive experience in dimensional metrology with a variety of equipment, including Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Portable Measuring Machines (PMM), such as the Faro Arm, Laser Tracker and various surface plate and hand tools.  Our expertise is in Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and drawing interpretation.  We will always use a common-sense approach in cases where the engineering drawing lacks certain GD&T requirements.  This is a very common occurrence and this is when experience matters.  We always re-check any discrepancies we find.  This includes inspection of the discrepant feature on another CMM or with a different type of equipment (hand tools, optical measurements, etc.).  If we find a discrepancy, we want to be very sure it’s for real before it goes into the report.  If there is any question on our end, we will call your engineer before shipping the job.

Our finished inspection reports typically consist of an Excel file and your engineering drawing in PDF format with bubble numbers (See example).  When necessary, we augment the report with screen-shots, drawings and photos and other information that helps present the results in a useful way.

Our coordinate measuring machines have capacity up to 60x40x24 inches and accuracy up to +/- .00008 inches.  For larger parts, we run API Laser Tracker and Faro Arm portable measurement machines.  These can be transported to your facility for on-site inspection of parts that are too large or heavy to easily move.

Most of our revenue comes from repeat business.  We form long term relationships with our best customers to provide inspection services with the quickest possible turnaround time at the lowest cost.  Send us your drawing or other RFQ information and we will send back a quote, usually within 24 hours.  In some cases, it may save money to identify particular dimensions that are of interest.  If you highlight the drawing dimensions you want measured, it will save a lot of time compared to a full dimensional inspection.  You can email drawings to, or you can fax to 424-292-3410.