First Article Inspection Services

First Article Inspection Services

A reliable Dimensional Inspection lab is an essential partner when you need to outsource First Article work.  Quick turn around, reasonable prices and skilled engineers are critical.

Core competencies:

* Inspection of contoured geometry using 3-D CAD files.  We have a complete selection of software tools for CMM operation and data analysis, including Innovmetric PolyWorks, Zeiss Calypso, Metrolog, Faro CAM2 and VX CAD/CAM.  We can accept CAD files from a variety of sources.  See our CAD format list for details.

* Inspection of turbo machinery components, including turbine blades, impellers, turbine and compressor wheels, blisks.

* Inspection of assemblies, both large and small, with GD&T requirements.

* Inspection of castings, forgings, molded parts and other manufactured parts where special consideration must be given to draft, parting lines, die mismatch, core shift, shrink, die closure, gating, grinding, porosity, etc.

* Inspection of precision machined parts, including advanced GD&T, complex coordinate systems, best fitting and coordinate transformations.

* Non-contact inspection using laser scanning and/or video-based technologies.  Our Zeiss O-inspect non-contact machine has an uncertainty of about 2 microns.  This is ideal for tight tolerance parts that are too delicate or flexible for touch-trigger measurement.