About Geoform

Precision Measurement Laboratories was started by David Tolin in 1986 in a very small office in Inglewood, CA.  In 1989, he hired Rebecca Amaro to help with reports and office management.  In early 1990, David moved to a larger facility and hired Steve Farentinos and Bruce McClean.  Steve was fresh out of college and Bruce was an experienced CMM inspector.  Mike Boulter and Bill Oster came on board in 1991, and Orsy Castro in 1996 to run the machine shop.  By the late 1990’s, the company employed 16 people and included a machine shop, specializing in building tooling for sand and investment casting, rapid prototyping (3-D printing), and precision machined castings for various customers including Garret (Honeywell).

Steve left in late 1999 but stayed in touch with David.  In 2005, they began talking about splitting the company into two pieces – one specializing in the original core competency of the company, precision dimensional inspection, and the other to specialize in tooling and machined automotive castings. By the end of that year, Geoform, Inc. was formed by Steve Farentinos to purchase “Precision Measurement Laboratories”.  David Tolin retained ownership of the aftermarket car parts side of the business.

Geoform, Inc. moved to a new larger facility in late 2013.  As of 2017, Steve Farentinos, Mike Boulter, Rebecca Amaro and Orsy Castro are still working together at the company, along with about a dozen others who have been hired since 2006.